dear readers,

sorry for the long time without a word.
life is cruel & hard sometimes.
so i've thought it was the best time to close my blog.

you will find my production on my little Etsy shop soon.
i need time for so much things, and of course, for my art-work.

THANK YOU for your adorable messages, for your support & love.
take care & be fine.


bonne année 2014 !

firstly i think it is not too late to wish you a wonderful new year.
hope it will be warm & full of love.

then, i am happy to share with you my last project.
this winter, i was approached by Madame Fresson to make the greetings card they wanted to distribute to their suppliers and customers.

Fresson is " Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (Best Artisans in France), and has been awarded as one of the twelve best chocolate makers in France (see this article).
he is also well known for his delightful "Paris-Metz", a pastry filled with a sweet-flavored cream and raspberries, topped with an orange, pink and yellow macaroon biscuit.

so, it was a great challenge for me: creating a delicate and colorful artwork for them.


yes, here are finally some pics (thank you Marianne) of the latest "petite vente privée".
as always, it was a lot of work to make this moment lovely but it worths it.

thank you to everyone for helping, supporting & coming!

crazy months

i have been so busy this time! i swear, i haven't given up on this blog!
i am working very hard on several projects and especially, on my next art work sale at home.

so, there will have some new postcards, stickers, mobiles (in lovely packages), original artworks and..
my first print! i am so excited!
everything is on printing now and i can't wait to receive and show you the result here!

oh, may i recommend you the Lily & Madeleine's beautiful music?  
their album (and the EP) are just wonderful.

have a great weekend, dear readers.
and thank you for your so appreciated support.