this is always nice to start a (rainy) morning with an adorable message in our inbox.
thank you Ange, for the lovely post on Lushlee, it made my day!

feature at Design For Mankind‏

thank you so much Erin, i am very lucky!
take a look at the post, lovely.

the deer

this is a series of artworks i've made on the last winter.
it will be available soon as postcards and giftwrap form.
hope that Ez will enjoy it!

a very good day

this is a new illustration for the earth section of the incredible Amelia's Magazine.
i'm very grateful. thank you, again, Adam!

also, some surprises would come tomorrow for the adorable Ez, from Creature Comforts.. hope you will have a good day too!

simple lovely..

a special 'thanks' to Joslynt..
And a beautiful evening for you all!