my dear readers,

i know, i know.
it's been quite a while since i haven't posted anything here.
i moved in to my new apartment 3 months ago, and was stuck in the middle of never-ending renovation works.

now, i'm back at work with a new series. here is a little foretaste..

hope that you're all doing fine..

submission for Nobrow

people i've never met..

& conversations i've never had


can't stop listening to this incredible girl.. brilliant Tiny Ruins.

i love winter

actually it's my favorite season.
i love the girls who support me and my artwork too..
like Liss, from Daydream Lily, Tara from Scoutie Girl, and Tess from A Beautiful Calamity.
Thanks again ladies, you're adorable!

a wonderful new year!

wishing everyone much Love, Peace & Music in 2010!!