crazy months

i have been so busy this time! i swear, i haven't given up on this blog!
i am working very hard on several projects and especially, on my next art work sale at home.

so, there will have some new postcards, stickers, mobiles (in lovely packages), original artworks and..
my first print! i am so excited!
everything is on printing now and i can't wait to receive and show you the result here!

oh, may i recommend you the Lily & Madeleine's beautiful music?  
their album (and the EP) are just wonderful.

have a great weekend, dear readers.
and thank you for your so appreciated support.

hot July



Lily & Madeleine - Back to the River


depression and death. i know, this is not really happy, but this is life sometime.
i was already in the middle of a breakdown when Ema is gone. but after this terrible event, my family found me lost in a deep dark hole. i was unable to eat, sleep or move. i thought i was dying of an immense grief. 
i wanted to disappear.

i have the most stunning family & friends in this world.
my two sisters decided to help me in the right and wonderful way.
so, they bring me back to life. with life.

and thanks to them, i am gratefully introducing Harold to you.

with all my heart, thank you everyone, for support & love.

for Ema.

 Sarah Blasko - Woman by the well.

Lately I find that you know me, better than I know myself, like a woman who's lost herself,
By the water's edge, her reflection was taken by the tide.

I just want you around. I want you around.

Seconds and hours pass slowly. I move them all by myself, I can feel that I'm aging,
My hair is turning black, there's a rhythm behind it, that you can't know.

Still, I want you around. I just want you around. 'Cause I'm more lost than found.

Shine a light on my misery. Wake the child from her sleep.
Wipe the eyes of the dewy morning. The waters so deep.

Still, I want you around. I want you around. I just want you around.

Ema. Eternally.


hello lovelies.
snow is here, again.. and Ema loves that as much as me.

birds & flowers are always in my head, but those don't really reflect what i want to express, so i continue to practice every day..

thinking about a beautiful "Cakes & Folks" logo (work in daily progress) for my adorable sister & best friend Marianne.

and when i need to clear my mind, i'm trying to make a good apple cake.
hope everyone is fine.
bon dimanche ♥


drawing & painting..

wishing a happy birthday to my friend Catherine..

enjoying the view from Happy Home (which is always great).. really wonderful with the snow.

and now, i will try to make beautiful birds.
bonne journée, dear readers.

winter birds

hello, nice people.
hope everyone has a pretty good start for this new year!

here are some pieces i've done these weeks.

the snow is still here.. i LOVE the winter season.

wish you all a warm weekend. ♥