great gift..

for my birthday today!
i am featured on the colorful Simply Hue.
thank you Vicki.. and you're right, it brightened my day!


  1. today is your birthday? well then, happy happy birthday to you Katy. I have seen your work from Vicki at Simply Hue. It has been a fantastic week of art and I am loving it. I came here to say hello and tell you how much I appreciate your artwork. It is so gently and small...and I just can't describe it really. But I like it. It isn't bold at all but it is powerful in it's delicacy. thank you.

  2. Your birthday gift will be late, I'm sorry. =/
    Happy Birthday!

  3. I saw your work on the simple hue blog. Its gorgeous, I'm so glad I found it!

  4. What a lovely blog, and beautiful art you´re doing!!!!! Found you´r blog through Kardemomme, who writes about you today!!!



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