help Japan ♥

we've all been deeply moved by the terrible events in Japan. 
i think we have to do anything we can, even the smallest thing, to help.

click on these links to visit websites doing great things to raise money for Japan: 

- Lynn Russell from satsuma press has created HEARTS + HANDS, a community effort counting more than 60 independent artists                 
- Illustration Rally launched the Ganbare Nippon appeal where we can help in many ways
- Papergirl Manchester is organizing the Help Japan Art Sale. It will be held at Common from 31st March - 3rd April
- Paumes is preparing the charity exhibition "Pray for Japan" 
- we can also buy a print and help Japan via Print Okushon 's auction on ebay 
- here is an exhaustive list made by Jan (and her readers through their comments) from Poppytalk     

don't hesitate to comment if you have any other details on these events.

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