a great time!

 the event took place in my apartment. here's my living room / workshop turned into a little gallery!


a few watercolored bird-shaped mobiles.

different kinds of bookmarks..

original collages..

homemade sweet fudge (delicious "caramels au beurre salé") cooked by my talented sister, Mariane .

oh, wonderful chocolate!

Mariane (on the right) and i, busy in the kitchen..

Mariane, so lovely in the kitchen!
she's working on opening her own coffee shop in the next few years.. can't wait!

everybody is having a great time!

ema.. exhausted
my sister & i would love to thank our friend Julie & my wonderful husband Judicael, for being so helpful and supportive at every moment. 
we are also extremely grateful to every guests who came here. THANK YOU! we're looking forward to seeing you/them at the next "petite vente" !
finally, we'd love to thank every musicians who were by our side at every step of this adventure: Lisa Hannigan, Angus & Julia Stone, Doris Day, Dark Dark Dark, .. we love you!


  1. a fantastic idea, katy! Here where I live the craft markets are terrible, this is such an inventive way to sell your art. i hope you did well, your work is beautiful! x

  2. Dear sister of arms (soeur d'armes, ou de bras, donc), this event must have been so sweet (thanks to the tenderness of your creations, and to your sister's talents), I wish by all means to join you all, the next time something so exciting happens in Bridge-to-Mousson.
    Right now, you must be already preparing it! Trust is there, all around you. Love from the Glitter Girl!

  3. Wow! Tes illustrations sont superbes!
    Et les pâtisseries de ta soeur ont l'air très très yummy!

    Merci d'avoir posté les photos :)!

  4. Je vois que les soeurs Gromball forment toujours un tandem de choc, accompagnées du fidèle homme de l'ombre !
    Belle présentation.

  5. merci pour les photos vraiment désolée de ne pas avoir pu être présente...tu fais vraiment de belles choses, elles te ressemblent c'est plein de fraîcheur et de couleurs...plein de gros bisous ma Katy


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