les quatre saisons

mon petit hiver

on dirait l'automne

un été si chaud

le printemps est là

would love to see the snow.. winter is my favorite season.
hope you're well, lovelies.

a great time!

 the event took place in my apartment. here's my living room / workshop turned into a little gallery!


a few watercolored bird-shaped mobiles.

different kinds of bookmarks..

original collages..

homemade sweet fudge (delicious "caramels au beurre salé") cooked by my talented sister, Mariane .

oh, wonderful chocolate!

Mariane (on the right) and i, busy in the kitchen..

Mariane, so lovely in the kitchen!
she's working on opening her own coffee shop in the next few years.. can't wait!

everybody is having a great time!

ema.. exhausted
my sister & i would love to thank our friend Julie & my wonderful husband Judicael, for being so helpful and supportive at every moment. 
we are also extremely grateful to every guests who came here. THANK YOU! we're looking forward to seeing you/them at the next "petite vente" !
finally, we'd love to thank every musicians who were by our side at every step of this adventure: Lisa Hannigan, Angus & Julia Stone, Doris Day, Dark Dark Dark, .. we love you!

a few days ago..

my sister Mariane & i have been quite busy lately. we've been working on our second "petite vente privée de Noel et son goûter d'hiver". since september, we both worked as a team. collages & watercolors on one hand, delicious little pâtisseries on the other hand.
on this last saturday, we had our guests at home in a soft, cosy & friendly atmosphere. it was such a success: everybody was delighted!
i'll post some pictures -taken by my lovely husband- today, hope you'll like them.