la maison du bonheur

everybody knows how much time it takes to find THE lovely place to live.
so, here we are! my husband, Ema & i moved in!

we were so busy and a little tired these past few months.
but it was worth it!
our home is simply beautiful.

this is so calm and mellow. a quiet piece of serenity.

my new place to art-work.

the incredible view, in front of my work-table.

sometimes it looks like we live with the birds in the trees.

hope you all are fine & happy too.


  1. Sublime...

  2. Such a wonderful place to live. I know that since I spend most of my free-time relaxing on this balcony. So jealous of you guys - I'd love to have that view every morning. Great work & love you.

  3. Bonjour!!
    Je viens de découvrir ton blog! Quel bonheur à "feuilleter" :)
    Et quelle jolie maison <3


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