a great time! (again)

after a well-deserved week of rest, here are the pictures of the last "petite vente privée d'hiver". that took place last weekend at home. and just like the previous, everything went perfectly.

my good friend Su, ready to help!
me (who, as you can see, doesn't really like to be on a picture) in the middle of some guests.

soon, you'll find the remaining mobiles on my etsy shop.
in the meantime, if you're interested or need any information, you can email me.

autumn leaves mobile

ma forêt d'automne

my favorite season
celebrate & happy home mobiles

this moment is always a great opportunity for me to meet people fond of art & creativity. its so rewarding & supporting to exchange words & feelings about what i do for a living now.
and once again, i'd like to thank them with all my heart. 


  1. great pictures & great work ! i'm so proud of you.
    can't wait for the next petite vente privée !
    congrats my gcc ;)

  2. les photos sont très jolies, c'était un super après-midi, j'ai adoré!
    gros bisous ma katy,

  3. Oh Katy,

    j'aurais tellement voulu être là, j'adore ce que tu fais! Tout est magnifique!!!
    gros, gros bisous


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